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Mommy and McKinley are back for another staycation weekend! This time, the mommy-daughter duo are in for a new adventure, as they are no longer staying in town but moving to another state and remaining hopeful of keeping their staycation, girls-only tradition of spending a weekend in a fancy hotel. With their suitcases packed and moving trucks in motion, the Ellison family sets off for their new city, looking forward to creating new memories in a new way. Staycation by co-authorsMcKinley and Dr. Kimberly Ellison is not only filled with mommy-daughter fun, but also shares the importance of adjusting to change as a family, encourages communication, and sheds light on the value of sharing.The Ellison family takes readers on a journey through a weekend filled with excitement, anticipation, learning, fun, and lots of love! Staycation inspires and encourages families to create opportunities for bonding and to embrace the possibilities of making new traditions. This Family-style children’s book focuses on themes including: adjusting to change, communication, and sharing.

Staycation 2 - The Boys Crash The Party

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