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Passion begins where it all started… Find your passion, that’s where destiny resides! - Dr. Kimberly Ellison

Discovering My Passion...

Thank you visiting my passion! Yes, my passion and purpose is seeing, experiencing, and being a vital part of the personal, professional, and spiritual growth and development of people! Since I was six years old I’ve been teaching from my mother’s coffee table in our small apartment living room. I’ve dreaded the last day of school every year since kindergarten because I loved learning so much, I didn’t want the school year to end! At the passionate age of six, I would sit in front of the coffee table with pen and paper in hand, and have class with the decorative figurines that sat on my mother’s coffee table. I would start with a lesson and teach until my heart was content. It was at that small coffee table, in our small apartment when my passion and destiny collided. My passion fueled my dreams of becoming an international speaker, professional development expert, a knowledgeable performance improvement and training professional, author, strategist and other things I’ve yet to discover! 

I love to see people become the grandest version of the greatest vision they’ve ever seen of themselves. Over the past 16 years, I’ve brought my solutions oriented and outcome-driven expertise to small-businesses, Fortune 500 companies, non-profits organizations, churches and individuals.

My passion is connected to optimizing organizational leadership, and individual performance while advancing women worldwide, and my purpose is to help you become the best part of your passion! 


Prepared to Discover My Destiny…

It happened in Mrs. Carrigan’s seventh grade Literature Review class, a class project that required every student to select a poem, commit it to memory and recite to the entire class. Can you imagine the pressure and fear this project had on 12 year olds, in middle school! I would have done almost anything to skip this portion of the syllabus… I reluctantly selected a poem entitled, “I’m Determined to Be Somebody, by William Herbert Brewster. That day and that poem changed the trajectory of my life!


I spent countless hours, practicing and practicing in hopes of committing this poem to memory. I would practice for the big day as if it were my last. I would study the poem, say it aloud, and research the meaning of each word until I became a student of the words and a believer of their meaning. I was not only learning the poem, but also learning how to build confidence! This seventh grade project taught me a critical life mantra “preparation breeds confidence,” and that has been my strategy ever since.  


The day that I’d been preparing for finally arrives and I am prepared to give this presentation in front of my peers. Although my confidence was high, my nerves were competing for first place! As Mrs. Carrigan called my name as the next student presenter, I slowly walked to the front of the room and destiny happened! The loud voice of destiny spoke to the future of this now, highly-sought, key-note speaker, international speaker, training and seminar facilitator, and panelist, as well as a thought driver on topics related to personal, professional and spiritual development, leadership and women issues.


To extinguish the suspense, that day, Mrs. Carrigan, kept me after class to tell me, I had a gift! From that day forward, I have been speaking to audiences of all backgrounds, experiences, cultures, ethnicities, age and gender. I delivered that poem, “I’m Determined to Be Somebody,” countless times around the US, winning several competitions and it all started with a destiny assignment! I now speak to audiences around the world ranging from corporate companies, conferences, women’s groups, and churches, civic and professional organizations! 

I’m Determined to Be Somebody, became my personal, professional and life mantra. 

So, why did I share my childhood stories with you? I believe before you were a person, you were a purpose and we often spend our life time trying to find our purpose in search for significance when who we are, and who we are designed to become has always been. If we slow down a bit, God will illuminate our purpose through our passions! Everything I am, I’ve always been…I just had to discover it and you can too! 

Living On Purpose!

Personal, Professional & Spiritual 

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Just like many of you, I've questioned my purpose and thought about making changes so I could fit in, well I want you to know,

Your difference is your destiny!

I have a well of gifts, skills, abilities, knowledge, and experiences I've yet to tap into and if I haven't discovered all of me and the destiny before me then it is impossible for someone else to define me. I am living my life on purpose for a purpose, and I want to help you do the same!  Whether it be personal, professional or spiritual I am unapologetically available to you.  

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The moment you let them define you, is the moment

you become a prisoner of their

limited perspective! 

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