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The ReUp" is an inspiring compilation of devotional experiences shared by 24 women who have witnessed the post pandemic manifestations of God's promises. As the world faced the unexpected challenges brought by the global pandemic, these women confronted the mental, physical,emotional, and spiritual toll it had taken on them. Despite the daunting circumstances, they found the strength to fight against the depressive episodes that impacted their spiritual well-being. The battle they fought was not against an external enemy, but an internal one. In their quest to ReUP, they renewed their covenant by faith as daughters of promise.If you have found yourself struggling to find a breakthrough after the pandemic, this book will provide the reset you need to refocus, refuel, and rebuild your life, business, ministry, and message.As you read each page, you will not only hear about the pain caused by the pandemic but also about the power of each woman's pivot. It's time for you to ReUp and reclaim what belongs to you,rediscover what's within you, and find the strength to rise above any challenges that come your way.


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