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Engrafted is a scripture meditation and application companion designed to build your confidence and consistency in studying and knowing God’s Word. Engraftment to plant firmly or establish; to become successfully incorporated in the hostbody. Engrafted Is a soul proclamation that describes how God’s word is to function in our lives.Engrafted is for you if:

  •  Are you tired of starting and stopping?
  • Are you tired of seeing everyone else complete things but you?

  • Are you tired of starting over on your dreams?

  • Are you ready for an accountability partner to help you remain consistent?

  • Are you ready for a step by step process to help you accomplish your goals?

A woman with a STRATE-SHE has a clear vision, incorporates self-discipline to produce successful outcomes and consistent results while developing herself, her business, and her products and services.

After you create your vision board, you will need a proven success STRATE-SHE in place to help you accomplish your goals. Dr. Kimberly's "triple threat" master plan is guaranteed to move you from potential to achievement through her tried and trusted STRATE-SHE of Vision, Discipline, and Development!


  • ○You desire to know how to apply scripture to life situations.

  • ○You have a yearning to study God’s Word more.

  • ○You want to become more consistent in praying scripture.

  • ○You want to share God’s Word with others.

  • ○You want to move from memorization to application of scripture.

  • ○You want to develop a habit of studying scripture.

  • ○You want to develop a more intimate relationship with God through HisWord.


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