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Global Discipline & Execution Strategist

Download & Declare the
Power of Your Discipline! 


Welcome to the D-Suite with
Dr. Kimberly Ellison, Global Discipline & Execution Strategist 

who help women build their confidence, consistency, and their coin through the power of self-discipline! 

Too often, your ideas, dreams, vision, and goals get caught in a never-ending cycle of start and stop and you find it difficult to consistently produce successful outcomes. The D-Suite courses and resources are designed to help you break partnership with inconsistent habits so you can finish what you’ve started, defeat distractions, increase your consistency and focus while developing strategies to increase your self-discipline. 


Prepare to elevate your execution with D-Suite courses and resources. The D-Suite is a revolutionary self-discipline system Dr. Kimberly designed for women professionals and entrepreneurs to eradicate broken systems of self-discipline and deadly distractions by implementing intentional and proven self-discipline strategies that produce consistent successful outcomes.


According to research, the top three things keeping you from becoming who you see in your dreams are your belief, time, and commitment.


If you struggle with procrastination, starting and stopping, incomplete tasks, lack of focus, or strategy execution then the D-Suite is where you’re about to discover the power of creating self-discipline systems that will help build your confidence and accomplish your personal and professional goals.

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The        Features & Benefits

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  • Finish What You've Started

  • Defeat Your Distractions

  • Identify Strategies to Increase Self-Discipline

  • Increase Your Consistency & Focus

  • Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs

  • Learn the Power of Investing Your Time

  • Produce More Products and Profit with Purpose


  • 4 Digital Course Downloads 

  • Course Companion Workbooks 

  • Accountability Guides 

  • Course Worksheets 

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Here in the            

we help you rewrite and rewire antiquated and learned systems of dysfunction and experience the power of your potential!

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Our Clients Say

"Being a part of Concept to Creation helped me to develop the consistency and strategies needed to launch Rescue Her, which is a 2 day intensive designed to Recapture Her, Restore Her, and Release Her.
Dr. Kimberly was able to take my concept and create curriculum, graphics, presentations and workbooks. She also gave me insight and strategies, which made marketing my product very simple."

Dr. Regina Spellmon, Courses Concept to Creation, Master Class Creation and Strate-She!

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I love to see people become the grandest version of the greatest vision they’ve ever seen of themselves. Over the past 19 years, I’ve brought my solutions oriented and outcome-driven expertise to small-businesses, Fortune 500 companies, non-profits organizations, churches and individuals.

I teach women how to break partnership with fear, confusion, and anxiety around pricing by introducing self-discipline strategies that produce consistent next level results. 

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Global Discipline & Execution Strategist

  • Can I share materials and resources from the courses I purchase?
    No. All course material and resources including the recording are copywritten which prohibits sharing any content relative to the courses you purchase. It is illegal to do so.
  • Do I have lifetime access to the courses I download?
    Yes. You will receive log-in credentials to download the courses you purchase. You are able to log in to our course platform as often as you like and access your course.
  • How long is the course?
    Each course varies in length however, the length of the course is identified in the course description.


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