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It’s time to go where the money reside!

Nowadays it seems like making six-figures is common for every business owner and entrepreneur, however, don’t believe the hype and start feeling like your business is not successful or you’re not equipped to make the coins.  Figuring out how to make “six-figures” is back of the napkin type math.  


That means making at least:

  • $8,333.33 a month, or

  • $2,083.33 a week, or

  • $416.66 each workday, or

  • $52 an hour.

As I stated, it’s simple back-of-the-napkin math. To become a Six-figure CEO your business needs to make at least $100,000 a year and I just dropped you a formula to create a six-figure flow directly from Google. The math is simple, but the method is not magical.

Like most women in business, I found myself searching for the best sales funnel, brand and social media strategy, client conversion system, or massive influence in order to see my business grow however, I never focused on making six figures, my focus was making an impact and being consistent with content, my clients, and my coins.

I was the Kingdom BOSS Chick who wasn’t focused on the money, I was connected to the mission, the money would eventually come. However, having “Six-Figure Self-Discipline” allowed me to see the “income in my outcomes.” 

Earning “six-figures” is not the goal of this Business of Discipline Intensive. The purpose is to teach women entrepreneurs and CEOs how to implement Sustainable Self-Discipline Strategies to develop and expand their business Structure, and generate multiple Streams of income.


What I’ve found as a business owner is that most people talk about the income, but never what it takes to produce consistent outcomes. The not so obvious things that all entrepreneurs struggle with.


What isn’t obvious though are the hidden costs — the expenses you don’t take into account when you’re deciding how much you want to make and how to make it happen, yet you lack the self-discipline to consistently produce.


Now to what you really want to know. Is this for me? Can I really experience an increase in income in my outcomes? Yes!


The difference between making “six-figures and six-dollars “is your “Six-Figure Self-Discipline.”

"Having a level of consistency in the hundreds of thousands totaling 100,000 or more consistent decisions yet disciplined enough to make one million more is

 “Six-Figure Self-Discipline.”

– Dr. Kimberly Ellison

Well, it’s time for us to go where the money resides, and I have a solution to get you there. You’re invited to my new one day intensive, “SIX-FIGURE SELF-DISCIPLINE!”


During this 4 Hour Intensive we are going to learn:


  • How to Increase Your Level of Consistency in Your Business Practices,

  • How to Implement Sustainable Self-Discipline Strategies to Impact Your Pocketbook and Processes,

  • What’s Keeping You from Making Consistent Coins in Your Business,

  • How to Eradicate Inconsistent Pricing Practices as Part of Your Business Discipline,

  • How to Improve Your Business Processes, Practices, & Profit Using Self-Discipline,

  • How to Prevent the Destruction of Emotion on Your Money, Mindset, & Mission,

  • How to Establish Self-Discipline Practices to Create Product and Services that Generate Multiple Streams of Income,

  • 10 Business Discipline Strategies that Will Take Your Productivity & Profit to the Next Level.


We will have 4 hours together on Saturday, March 27, 2021, at 10 am CST/11 am EST. We have 2 investment levels and payment options.  If you can’t attend LIVE, you will get the replay.

What's Included:

  • Six-Figure Intensive Pre-Work

  • Access to the replay

  • Six-Figures Strategies, Structures, & Streams Business Planner

Your Investment:

  • Just the Intensive: $197.00

  • Intensive PLUS 1 on 1 with Me $397.00


If you are ready to implement “Six-Figure Self-Discipline” and learn how to implement Sustainable Self-Discipline Strategies to develop and expand your business Structure and generate multiple Streams, then I would like to personally invite you to join me! R.S.V.P. today!

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