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As a speaker, aspiring or expert, you're probably always asked, "HOW MUCH DO YOU CHARGE TO SPEAK?" Whether from potential clients or nosey people, everyone wants to know how much will it cost them to have you speak at their event. Honestly, it's really not about your fee, they are just trying to see if they can afford your services!


Like most speakers, you don't want to overcharge your potential client, lose the possible speaking engagement, or under-value yourself.


Most speakers are looking for a magic formula to come up with their speaker fee(s) however, you know as well as I do that it takes more time and is more complicated than your final delivery. As a professional speaker, you know what it takes to develop, research, prepare and plan for your speaking engagement however, your potential client does not know all of the details or steps it take to deliver a engaging, transformative, and informational message (with a standing ovation, I must add).


Yes, your final delivery is important however, you want to ensure your potential client knows exactly what it takes to stand up and deliver! You are an expert, so of course, you make it look easy so, but from this day forward you will no longer struggle or take a stab in the dark with your speaker fee!


Download SpeakerPro, my mini-training session on how to land potential speaking engagements and GET PAID!


FREE Speaker Proposal Template with Training!



Speaker Pro

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