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Many of us think we're struggling with our brand when it's really our identity...we are in an identity crisis. Your Brand identity is determined by your destiny. Before you had a brand you had destiny however,  we are being told who we are by social media, our past, and even family and friends. Your identity confirms the truth about who you are and were created to become. When your identity is in Christ you understand you are not a trend, your business is not a fad and your destiny is not a brand! 


Take this amazing course, Brand Identity! The Authenticity of Your Destiny by Dr. Kimberly Ellison and be reminded that God didn't  give you a brand he gave you a destiny and purpose with a strategy.



Brand Identity:

*Provides spiritual insight into how understanding your true identity authentically builds your brand

*Identifies 3 areas your branding can distort your true identity

*Exposes social media truths about brand manipulation, brand confusion, and brand imitation

*Shares biblical truths through scripture to affirm your authentic identity and destiny *Reveal three areas to develop your true authentic brand

*Opportunity for you to develop your personal brand -

Brand Identity

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