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Dr. Kimberly is a highly-sought, conference speaker, training and seminar facilitator, conference curator and special guest panelist. She is a thought driver on topics related to personal, professional, and spiritual development, leadership, and women issues. 

Her compelling, pioneering, didactic and dynamic approach to engaging business and spirituality distinguishes Dr. Kimberly from others in her field. Whether engaging a business or professional audience or a local or global women’s event, Dr. Kimberly delivers engaging, practical strategies with an inspirational and a transformative message. Dr. Kimberly’s 16 years of training, consulting, facilitation and strategy implementation and execution services have spanned corporate structure, from C-level executives to entry-level individual contributors as well as ministry leaders and community organizations establishes her as an professional speaker and expert in the field of training and professional development. 


Book Dr. Kimberly for…

  • Corporate Retreats and Meetings

  • Business Association Conferences

  • Women Groups and Associations

  • Leadership Workshops and Retreats

  • Church Groups and Non-Profit Events


Signature Topics

Visioneering: Your Vision Needs a Strategy! 

Have you ever had a business idea, personal goals you wanted to accomplish or learn to be more discipline with your time and deliberate with your actions, in order to become the vision you see? Vision begins with a strategy! Let’s walk through the process of discovering subtle and blantant disctractions that are keeping you from accomplishing your goals. 

Visioneering is the process of building your concept, goals or dream into a workable application. 

Signature topics covered:

  • Implementing proven strategy to bring your vision and goals to action

  • Identifying subtle and blatant distractions 

  • Moving from affirmation to accomplishment

  • Creating strategies to overcome procrastination

  • Eliminating timewasters that steal your future 

Dr. Kimberly’s Visioneering Strategy Pack: 

  • Vision: Write. Plan. Pray. Book

  • Vision 2 Action Strategy Board

  • 10-point Strategic Plan of Action

Personal Branding

Redefining your brand speaks volumes to your personal, professional, and spiritual growth. Rebranding is about revitalizing your brand’s image and making your brand more relevant and modern to meet the needs of those you serve or want to influence. 

Signature topics covered:

  • Personal branding and Re-branding Principles 

  • Building Your Personal Brand

  • Understanding Your Brand Identity 

  • Making Your Brand More Effective 

  • The Re-brand: When will you know it’s time to rebrand?

  • Employing practical approaches on how to introduce the new you where it matters most.

Corporate Jewel Rebranding Strategies for Success


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