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Are you ready? 

To create your Signature Program, Masterclass, Intensive or VIP Day that your target audience won't stop raving about? 

Do you have content you need to pull together to create an online or in person coaching program or live training workshop or even host your first event? 

What about the content you need to organize in order to create your program presentations, handouts and workbooks?

Join me for this amazing game changing 2-Day Exclusive Event! 


From Concept to creation a Content & Program Development Incubator for Creatives!  


All Speakers, Trainers, Facilitators, Coaches, Consultants & Creatives who are looking to create programs that your clients and potential clients will ask you for over and over again, don't miss this once a year exclusive incubator. 


With over 16 years of experience creating training workshops, programs, and professional development content and courses both in person and online for major corporations, I've learned to take my own content and turn it into valuable programs for my target audience and profitable programs for my business and my clients. 


I am not only an expert in content creation and development, but also a gifted visionary with the passion to help creatives like yourself, turn your already created content into a coaching program, masterclass, intensive, training, or VIP Day you've been wanting to create and develop for your clients. Well, the wait and delay is over, I am here to help you turn your concept into a valuable program your clients need and want. 


Individuals I've worked with have

  • increased their clientele,

  • doubled the number of masterclass attendees,

  • created multiple programs,

  • developed products,

  • improved their services, and

  • generated increased income


What do you get? 

  • Two full days of content creation and a development from expert trainer, professional development and vision strategist, Dr. Kimberly Ellison. 

  • A content to creation strategy you implement during the incubator so you walk away with your program concept already created. 

  • Gain knowledge on how to set-up program objectives and outcomes

  • Immediate return on investment by learning how to turn your knowledge & skill into capital 

  • You will walk away with products and services you can offer with your program that will generate passive and residual income. 

  • How to create your program based on your value proposition and NOT your profit proposition! 

  • How to package and market your program


There are only 12Spots available for Oct. 5-6 Incubator Exclusive!

Payment Arrangements are Accepted...


This course is only offered ONCE a year for Creatives to take full advantage of the opportunity! 

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Concept Bag Sponsors

Get your business in front of Creatives who are looking to grow their brand and business! If you are a creative  and you want advertise your business in our Concept to Creation Incubator here is your chance!! If offer a product or service as a creative,  web design, graphic artist, public relations, writer, social media, brand strategy, business coaching, CPA, Quick books expertise, personal assistant, executive assistant, book keeping, etc.


How to Get Started?

  • You pay $20 

  • Send in your product, service promo, business card or sample to Dr. Kimberly Ellison Global LLC P.O. Box 33179 Ft. Worth, TX 76162

  • Market your business to 12 Creatives and over 1000 women. 

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